Our Board Certified Surgeons

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Soft Tissue Surgery
Our surgeons have advanced training, skill, and years of experience in addressing a wide variety of challenging cases including:
Brachycephalic airway syndrome Liver tumor removal, biliary disease, hepatic shunt correction
Thoracic, abdominal, and skin cancers Reconstruction following tumor resection and trauma
Advanced wound care including vacuum assisted closure and pulse lavage systems Thorascopic pericardectomy and lung biopsies
Laparoscopic assisted gastropexy, liver biopsy, ovariectomy, and cryptorchid neuter Diaphragm repair
Total ear canal ablation and bulla ostectomy Intestinal resection
Adrenalectomy Nephrectomy
Subcutaneous ureteral bypass catheters Urogenital procedures
Colonic, rectal, and perineal procedures
Orthopedic Surgery
We utilize the best treatments and technologies for orthopedic procedures with the goal of diagnosing sports-related injuries, of repairing fractures and defects, restoring function, and relieving pain.
Arthroscopy Fracture repair utilizing plates, pins, and wires
Correction of growth deformities and performing osteotomies to reconstruct joint surface incongruities Cranial cruciate ligament disease management – TPLO and braces
Management of hip and elbow dysplasia Traumatic luxations and ligament injuries
Medial and lateral patellar luxations Correction of osteochondrosis in all joints
Management of osteoarthritis Total Hip and Total Knee Replacement
Advanced anesthesia/analgesia and supportive care
Individualized anesthetic protocols Advanced anesthetic monitoring including SPO2, CO2, BP (arterial and/or oscillometric), and ECG
Ultrasound guided nerve blocks Neuraxial anesthesia including epidural catheters
Postoperative ICU recovery supervised by a board certified critical care specialist Cross-matched blood products