Hi. Thanks for your interest in our teleradiology service. We provide teleradiology services here at The Central Hospital for Veterinary Medicine through Asteris Keystone. This is a software program that makes it easy to send images for consultation, and provides online access to images and reports if you are away from your office. Reports are also stored in your local Keystone software and emailed to your registered address.  The software is free of charge, and we charge consults by the case and bill monthly. I read cases Monday through Friday 9-5. If you have an urgent case during those hours, call me and I’ll look at it ASAP. Otherwise, I guarantee next business day returns. For cases outside those hours, I cannot guarantee STAT service.

The current fees are:

Standard study (</= 4 images) : 48

Extended study (>4 images) : 59

Contrast study : 102

Stat fee : 43

Getting started will require that you install a small piece of Asteris Keystone software on your PACS computer and configure it to send to us here at Central. The link for the software is :


If you are at all uncomfortable installing this on your own, you can call Asteris directly at 1-877-727-8374 and their tech support people will either walk you through it over the phone, or remote in and install it for you. After install, I think you will find teleradiology submissions to be fast and easy.

Let me know if you have any questions, or if you have trouble with the install.



Lance Rozear, DVM, DACVR, RSO