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Veterinary Sports Medicine and rehabilitation uses non-surgical methods to help alleviate discomfort, restore function and improve mobility and quality of life in our companion animals.

We begin with a comprehensive examination of your pet with Dr. Looney, from there we will formulate a plan tailored to you and your pet to provide the best outcome.

We take into consideration your concerns and your pet’s comfort and well being to provide an improved psychological and physiological state and improve the quality of life for you and your pet.

Rehabilitation is the art of using physical manipulations and therapies rather than drugs to relieve pain, enhance healing, and improve function. Our veterinary rehabilitative plans are specially designed for the individual pet and his or her disease process or disability. The ultimate physical rehabilitation goals for your pet are comfort and his or her ability to accomplish daily tasks as normally as possible. The rewards include improved psychological state and quality of life for your pet and your family.

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Sports Medicine and Animal Physical Therapy Contact Info:
Phone: 203-867-5134
Email: rehab@centralpetvet.com

Indications for sports medicine consult:
Osteoarthritis Spinal and back injury
Nerve injury Pain control
Tendon, ligament, and muscle strain Vestibular disease
Wounds Post surgical recovery
Inflammation Congenital deformities
Treatments and therapies offered:
hydrotherapy Therapeutic exercise
Manual techniques and massage Therapeutic ultrasound
Electrical stimulation Photobiomodulation (laser therapy)
Acupuncture and acupoint injections Chiropractic adjustments
Acupuncture Chiropractic adjustments
Regenerative therapies (PRP and stem cell) Joint injections
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